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Braai Combinations


The spit braai enables you to spit-roast a lamb, piglet or chicken and to operate a rotating grid for meat or toast. You can also have a normal braai in this unit. A potjie together with a bread oven is another of the many combinations.  The stir-fry plate and grid combination is ideal for preparing breakfast, bacon, onions and eggs in the plate and sausage on the grid.   Gril left with ember maker middle and rotisserie on right.
The removable rotisserie is battery or mains operated and are ideal for chicken or leg-oflamb.  Slide the ember maker to the middle of your braai and you can perform two functions simultaneously. Grilling on two different levels simultaneously shown here.  The full-length grid enables you to use the spit braai unit as a normal braai with or without all the other accessories. Shown here is a rotating grid and stirfry plate combination.   The braai has a neat appearance when the doors are in the closed position and they protect your braai against dust, rain and pets (the cat on your grill).
  FULL Stainless steel 1200 SDL. Stainless steel 1200 Combo Braai With S/S Front And Doors, but with mild steel body and charcoal section.